Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Achieving your dreams!

We all have dreams...we all wished to realize, some achieve it and others; like me,the dream remains a dream. Someone said that a dream is worth it until it hasn't been achieved. Since my childhood, i wanted to be a police officer-i guess like the majority of kids.As i grew up and was 18, i enlisted but i failed the selection-twice! It was not because i had health problems or unqualified, it was because i lacked 2.5 Cm for the minimum height. I felt depressed when i first got rejected-it was like a kick in the balls, the second time was more bearable as i was prepared for it. I wont't be able to achieve my dream because of my height, i wasn't even given an opportunity to prove myself. I just got dumped like an old piece of cloth.I feel rejected but at least, my conscious is clear. I tried to achieve my dream and failed twice...but at least...i tried

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