Thursday, 3 May 2012


Belief has a great power. If you believe in someone, then that someone may achieve what you expect from them. I play for a local football team, and i play as goalkeeper. Well at first i join them to keep fit and didn't expect to play in the league. But the first choice goalkeeper left and i was the only one left to play in this position. At that time i was 17 and i felt an enormous pressure on me.I wasn't tall like the majority of goalkeepers and i had to face the mockery of other teams and fans across the island. I made several mistakes but the coach and the players kept faith in me. It took me 4 years to finally be used to play in the League, the confidence that my team mates had on me made me want to progress. They believed in me and today i'm performing quite well and i must say that the defense helps me quite a lot.We got promoted to the 1st Regional division last year and now we are in race to get promoted to the Super League.

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