Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A stranger to myself

Have you ever feel alone in a crowd of people?..i guess many people have had their experience. Like the majority of people, i have a Facebook account with many friends. I deactivated my account last Sunday and no one noticed it...only just one close friend sent me a message about it. I guess i'm not that important...sometimes i feel like some people are friend with me because we have a friend in common. If i were alone, they wouldn't even noticed me. I have always try to act differently so as to be pleasant but the fact is that, its not me....they are friend with someone else..not the real me. I'm expendable, my presence doesn't make a difference at all. I'm under-rated..the inconvenient guy. There are so many things i wish i could discuss with them but they are not interested in what i am...i feel like i waste myself...i dig a grave long ago..i managed to get out of it..but in the end..i fell more in the abyss of despair and torment..i thought i reached the point of no-return but i was wrong..i am already lost. I always try to play the hero, like the one saving others,..but how can someone who couldn't save himself save others...

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